Sweet boxes

With two large sides and three smaller sides thet you can print your profile of message or brand on.

Our flavors are::
3590120 TULO mint original
3590110 TULO lemon original
3590130 Liquorice stones
3590140 Soft Fruitmix
3590150 Soft Saltbeans
3590170 Salmiakplate
3590180 Fruitpastiller
3590185 Mentholpastiller
3590186 ZigZag Mint original
3590187 Violet
3590188 Salt i Sol (soft liquorice)

3590132 Strawberryhearts

We print these in CMYK from 1000 pc.
Contains approx 21-26 gr/pc.


Salt-i-Sol Tulo-mintTulo-CitronZig-Zag