A great promotion swett to give away on fairs,
vid mässor, in reception areas or other areas you want to appear on.

Polkamint 3590664
Lemon/liquorice 3590667
Orange 3590668
Icemint 3590669
Liquorice 3590671
Fruitmix (orange, lemon, raspberry, pear)
Pear 3590673
Raspberry 3590674
Lemon 3590675
Butter toffee 3590676
Mint 3590677
Raspberry/liquorice 3590678
Strawberry/liquorice with powder (filled) 3590665
Raspberry/liquorice with powder (filled) 3590662
Liquorice with powder (filled) 3590666
Mint/chocolate (filled) 3590679


We print these in 100% PMS färger and starts at 30 kg. Not halftone dots.
You can split 30 kg in two flavors with the same printing.