Transparent box for the Minichocolate5-gr-forpackning 3592023, 16 pc 3592022, 36 pc

Transparent box for minichocolate, only squares.










Gift boxGåvo-Ask
With your own print on the box.
Art. 3592050
Black bottom












Chocolatebox for 5 gr chocolate5-gr-ask
A package that holds 60 pcs 5 gr chocolate pieces (squares).
Art. 3592045.
Located in 2 layers with 30 pieces on each layer.
Profile yourself on the cover and the chocolate.
Black bottom
The package is approx 226 x 150 x 30 mm.











Envelopes that hold 4 pc 5 gr chocolate pices.5-gr-kuvert
Art. 3593032
Profile yourself on the envelope and chocolate.
We star from 200 pc envelopes.
The package is approx 72 x 72 x 10 mm.